Wood is Wonderful

My name is Sean Burford and woodworking is my passion. I love to construct a wide variety of items out of many types of wood. Most of the time you might find me making unique gifts using reclaimed wood. Other times, I will make custom water coloring boards using MDF. Whatever it is you desire, it is my hope to help create it for you. My passion can be seen in the finished product. You can find some of my stuff at local shops around Joshua Tree, California. Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think.

A tiny planter made from reclaimed wood


Available at Black Luck Vintage

Planters are the perfect addition for around the house or possibly on your patio. They are made from reclaimed wood that was discarded in the desert. The planter goes well with cacti or other ornamental plants. Not recommended for herbs or food. The cube measures approximately 4 inches on all sides.

A rectangular board used for watercoloring

Watercolor Boards

Contact for custom order

Watercolor boards can be custom made to the exact specification you desire. With rounded edges, these boards are crafted with comfort in mind. Made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), these boards are perfect for teachers, students, and professionals alike.

A sculpture of a savuaro made out of wood


Contact if interested

This piece features the very well known silhouette of the saguaro. I consider it to be one of a kind. It is made from wood that was grown and milled in the California desert making it a very unique piece. Wood grown in the desert is often rare or impractical. This is the epitome of exceptional.

A display sign with an attached planter

Planter Sign

Not Available

This planter sign is a unique twist on the table display that can be used at events or one's place of business. Proper drainage is applied to a planter attached at the base for plants that require excellent drainage (such as cacti). Made to be one of a kind using reclaimed wood.

A slab of wood with a groove cut out for a device

Device Stand

Not Available

Device stands are often unsightly or made from materials that don't break down very easily. These device stands are made out of wood grown and milled in the California desert. Unfortunately, this wood is so rare that it is no longer available at this time. Check back often to see if anything new has arrived.